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“Check It Out” by Jules is really a space where I share experiences, food, cool spots, fashion and entrepreneurs that I think you should check out in Brooklyn. So, with no further ado “Check It Out”.

The Infamous “BK9”

I’ve always hear some of my friends talk about this place and always meant to go but didn’t until I was invited to a bloggers event curated by @haitianwhoblog (Check out the Instagram) very own Shirley. My good friend  @whileshebloomes tagged me along with her to this event. Needless to say I did not regret it one bit. Bk9 is a black owned, modern style Caribbean restaurant and bar located on 5th ave near Barclays. Continue reading “The Infamous “BK9””

“Brooklyn Moon” Cafe

An old colleague and I decided to meet up just to catch up. We wanted something with an edgy vibe and that was fitting for a Saturday night with great weather. We decided to go to the Brooklyn Moon cafe located in the ft. Greene part of Brooklyn. Its not too far from the BAM and the area is always booming with great energy. Continue reading ““Brooklyn Moon” Cafe”

“Peaches” restaurant

Thursday nights are always made for good food and drinks after work so I went to “Peaches”.  My friend and I met for dinner and he suggested “Peaches” restaurant. I’ve always wanted to go for brunch but ended up going for dinner. I know you’re saying “why are your friends always making the suggestions?” that’s because they go on a lot of dates and I don’t go on any (Too much information, lol) . So, they get to try a lot of new things and places then share it with me. Continue reading ““Peaches” restaurant”

The “Door”

Few Sundays ago, My best friend and I had a girls day out just to talk about guys and life of course. She suggested we go to “The Door” restaurant as I had never been their prior to that day. Talk about packed for Sunday brunch. It was so packed and their was a line outside for those who had take-out orders. Not to mention that their is a big church located across the street from the restaurant which means it is the go to for grabbing a before or an after service bite with family and friends. Though packed we did not have to wait to be seated.  Continue reading “The “Door””

Mangos and Bananas in The Mix

Sunday smoothie it is!! So this week I made a mango, banana, and mixed berries smoothie but because its Sunday I am sharing it now. Of course these ingredients have been used together before but just in case someone hasn’t tried it they can “Check It Out”. Continue reading “Mangos and Bananas in The Mix”

The View at “Alma”

A few months back in the spring a friend of mine and I decided to catch up and the spot he suggested was “Alma”. He was also sure that I would like it and I really did. Alma is  known for its roof deck Manhattan view which is breath taking when the sky is clear and also makes the experience of eating Mexican food feel upscale. Continue reading “The View at “Alma””